SMOE is a mural artist Milan based, active in various fields of urban art. He is the author of “Necesse”, one of the largest street-art works in Italy in which various post-pandemic themes are addressed. Also in Milan he created pavement-art works for the Municipality of Milan and for other brands. With his works and sketches he was the winner of public competitions and various projects including “La Bellezza Ritrovata” of the Cariplo Foundation for which he created a work of 269 square meters in homage to the film “Miracle in Milan” by Vittorio De Sica. Today he collaborates with the chemistry department of the University of Milano and Perugia for the conservation and maintenance processes of mural works in public spaces. In his hometown, Catanzaro (southern Italy), he has created murals on the theme of immigration, for both private and public clients, including ANAS s.p.a. and the Municipality of Catanzaro. In 2019, he spent a year working in Australia where he painted works on the theme of Aboriginal heritage in South Victoria, supported by the Melbourne City Council and the local community. In 2018 he collaborated with the Armonie d’Arte Foundation which saw him participate with a live performance during the Opera “La Traviata” with the artistic direction of Vittorio Sgarbi. In 2020 he founded SMOE Studio with which he works as a team on the largest works and on the most complex commissions. His art always seeks to involve people and the local area through storytelling, especially addressing issues of social and cultural relevance.