Nature is inspiration



I met the Hip-Hop movement in a small village in south Italy, where nature shows its granduri. It was in the late nineties, I was twelve years old, and l started to express myself with graffiti. Since then I have never stopped expressing my creativity and I always brought my art wherever I ‘ve been. There are many ways to call what I do, someone says street-art, masterpieces, urban art, writing. But I like to call it all graffiti, painting out of the canvas. Nowadays graffiti is entring the houses of people, and I enter inside with Them. My creativity and everything I do comes from hip-hop culture and writing of the past and from my present life, my travels, work and new influences. For me art and graffiti still are the medium through which I move and I explore the the world.


Art is a job in which every day we try to find a new way, but we can hardly find it.

Designs & interfaces
I use the image to tell stories and to make art all that you can imagine.
Highly customized
whether you want to talk about your business or enrich your place with my unique art.
Responsive design
Illustrations and digital art are one of my many skills.
the best way to obtain a great job is to let the artist be free to create what he feels.
optimized condition
Time is often a prerogative for making big walls. My secret weapon is the speed of execution.
Dedicated support
Exchanging, sharing, knowledge and influences... All this, it's express in my work.