MERIDIANAM – behind the wall

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MERIDIANAM is the largest wall I have ever painted, the surface is more than 70 meters long and 5 meters tall. Painting this wall has required a lot of energy, and at the same time, a thorough study of what is really happening in the Mediterranean Sea, and why today there is this enormous migratory flow from Africa to Europe. I had the opportunity, thanks to the MEET-Project cooperative, to meet some wonderful guys from the reception center in Rogliano (Cosenza, Calabria, Italy), who told me about their experience walking through the Shara desert and then browsing in the middle of the sea for days. Only thanks to their words have I managed to turn into images all the intensity of this migration like the one that is taking place every day in the Mare Nostrum.
this project was commisioneted me by ANAS spa (the Italian highway construction company) who, afther seen my work EMIGRANTI about the italian migration history, decided to give me a new challenge and a big opportunity to tell another importatn story.