a new project from SMOE STUDIO

This wall is a big surface located in Milan. In its dimensions measures 17×70 meters in length. The total is about 1300 square meters.

A large wall inside the public park Via Ludovico di Breme.

The project aims to highlight changes in our society during the pandemic health emergency. Social, environmental and economic changes that every day put in the foreground some professionals and workers who have proven to be fundamental.It will be a tribute to those most humble jobs who have worked tirelessly to guarantee the basic needs of our community


The park’s garden was restored in 2017 through an initiative of the “Comitato Petrarca” a local association which redeveloped an area degraded by drug dealing and prostitution.
The idea is to complete the interior spaces with a socio-cultural mural, to bring tourism, street-art hunters, art lovers, citizens and curious people, to a space that has been abandoned in the past and also to contribute to a symbolic rebirth of the community.

The realization of the work would also allow further development of a peripheral area in Milan.

The wall is very large, we need a lot of materials for a work of this size. The project will be self-financed, so we ask the public to help us raise the necessary funds, through donations on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website

The fundraising will last throughout the month of July and the first week of August. 

If successful, we will start painting the wall in September/October

Keep following us to receive more information and find out when it will be possible to participate in the fundraising.


You can support the project by making direct donations or by purchasing prizes on our Kickstarter page, where you will discover: original posters, T-shirts, prints and canvases, your personal phrases will be painted on the wall, you too can come to visit the site during the work in progress.

To thank you for the precious support you will give us, we have decided to send you the NECESSE souvenirs directly to your home, also to express our gratitude.